What Can a Banker do to Ensure the Highest Value on their Real Estate Collateral?

Every bank seeks to minimize the risk of extended credit and ensure the best value on real estate collateral so that it provides the appropriate security. There are two specific ways you can ensure the highest value, and, as a result, minimize risk to your business. Read more

CVC-Go!: A Game Changer in Inspection Services

It’s time for an industry game changer. Is your financial institution interested in streamlining their inspection services to save money, ensure accuracy, and increase turnaround time? Look no further. CVC, a one stop shop for all your financial institution’s evaluation needs, offers as a solution a capstone service: CVC-Go!


CVC-Go! provides highly accurate inspection services, offering a three-day turnaround, quality that exceeds industry guidelines and all at a lower price point that mainstream inspection services. Yes, it’s true!

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Raising the Threshold: Decreasing Appraisals Required on Properties

FDIC Federal Register Citations

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Real Estate Appraisals


A Response to FDIC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking- Real Estate Appraisals

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Evaluations vs. Traditional Appraisals – What’s the Difference?

Understanding the difference between evaluations and traditional appraisals is key for both financial institutions and borrowers alike.  Expectations needs to be managed and we must do a better job of educating the public about the products they receive. 

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