CVC-Go!: A Game Changer in Inspection Services

It’s time for an industry game changer. Is your financial institution interested in streamlining their inspection services to save money, ensure accuracy, and increase turnaround time? Look no further. CVC, a one stop shop for all your financial institution’s evaluation needs, offers as a solution a capstone service: CVC-Go!


CVC-Go! provides highly accurate inspection services, offering a three-day turnaround, quality that exceeds industry guidelines and all at a lower price point that mainstream inspection services. Yes, it’s true!


How does CVC-Go! Work?


Financial institutions may choose from a range of inspection service options to best meet their needs.  Our team will provide an inspection report that exceeds the standards set in the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, turning it around within three business days.


Raising the Bar in Inspection Services


With a network of trained inspectors across the region, we are committed to setting the standard in inspection services. Whether your bank currently uses your branch staff or another inspection provider, CVC-Go! is committed to providing a higher quality, timely product that is more cost-effective than other inspection service options. Unlike most inspection providers, you will also receive a 360°, on-site view of the property.


Streamlined Process with Ensured Accuracy


Our economical flat rate fees eliminate the need for employee mileage reimbursements and salaries to compensate branch employee inspections.   Our goal is to provide your institution with a complete view of both improvements and deferred maintenance, to ensure you get the most accurate collateral evaluation possible.


Contact Us Today!


Getting started with CVC-Go! is extremely easy! Just visit our website, or give us a call in the office: 479-966-4988.


Career Opportunities Available: Perhaps you are interested in a career as a skilled inspector in this rapidly growing market? If you are highly committed to quality, speed and excellence, visit our website to apply and for more information!

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